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Hopeless Omani who works as a programmer

After months of internal correspondences  at work, a programmer eventually asked for a meeting “to make the required changes in the system”, his words.

In the meeting he was acting super stupid, and I am not in the state or mood to write about his retarded mind, I just wonder how does he survive in this world. Honestly, he is avoiding every possible change with load of excuses and his manager let him run away with it, and the eternal excuse, the users are stupid. No, It is not him nor his management who are stupid, but, every single user of the system is clueless retard, I just could not believe him.

I knew this would happen and requested just one thing, agreement that there is a problem, which he rejected and requested further investigation to admit there was a problem.

I can’t express how I hate working with this kind of people, but it seems I have to. I usually won’t write here how much I hate my work. however, this idiot made me.

حزام الأمان، و مؤسسة بلا أوراق

يثير استغرابي كل يوم الطريقة التي يبتسم بها ابني عندما أضع حزام الأمان له في السيارة، أو عندما يطلب مني أن أضعه له. لم يكن هذا حاله سابقا فقد كان يصرخ بشدة ويقاوم بعنف للخروج من القيد. لكن اغنية The Wheels on The Bus  من قناة Mother Goose Club تبدأ بمقدمة لطيفة تطلب فيها سائقة الحافلة من الركاب وضع الحزام أولا. وعبدالله معجب جدا بهذه الأغنية وشخصيات القناة اليوتيوبية.

في محاولة للوصول إلى مؤسسة بلا أوراق، Paperless organization، تقرر في العمل تحويل معظم الأنظمة الى الكترونية، وقد يبدو هدفا جيدا وممكنا تحقيقه، لولا تخبط المسؤولين عن الأنظمة وتخبط من وضع أهداف هذه الأنظمة. وما يؤسف له حقا هو كم المبالغ التي صُرفت لإنشاء هذه المشاريع ومقدار الوقت والجهد اللذين نستنفدهم في استخدام أنظمة تضع حدودا كثيرة جدا للطريقة التي يمكن لنا بها أن نتواصل مع الزملاء والمدراء. أضف إلى ذلك أن العقلية ما زالت مقيدة بالأوراق فنجد معظم المراسلات ورقية قد تم تصويرها ضوئيا أو طباعتها لاحقا. وهناك دائما الأعطال الفنية التي تمنع التحول الفعلي لهذا الهدف، وبطء الأنظمة، وإمكانية تحقيق الهدف المرجو من الأنظمة الجديدة باستخدام الأنظمة القائمة فعلا. الحجة التي يتناولها القائمون والمدافعون عن هذه الأنظمة أن أي نظام الكتروني لا بد أن تتواجد به بعض الأخطاء في البداية وأنه علينا أن نتعاون لتصحيحها معا. هذا ممكن لو كانت الأخطاء ثانوية. لكن أن يتم تقييد وتعطيل العمل بحجة بناء الكفاءات فهذا سخيف جدا، ويؤدي إلى تثبيط الهمم وخنق التواصل الفعال. لا أذكر حقا أين قرأت هذا ولكنه صحيح جدا. اذا طبقنا الحكومة الالكترونية على غبية سنحصل على حكومة الكترونية غبية. هاهاها

Speeding fines, birthday, books and online withdrawal

It is April already and my resolution to not get any speeding ticket fines this year proved manageable, till now!

I have a bad history with speeding fines, the first year I got speeding fines I was shocked and deeply ashamed, but that didn’t stop me from speeding the year after. Last year I used a different approach, I paid the fines online in the middle of the year, aiming to feel bad about the fines and control the speed issue, but at the end of the year I had to pay again and it was painful. So, starting 2014, I said I will drive as low as 80 KMPH if the sign said so, and it was horrible, I had to force my feet to stop acceleration, use the speed control in the car and allow my mind to adjust to the new movement. It took a while, and I finally understood it is worth it. I am not talking safety-wise, but it makes no sense to pay crazy amounts of fines to the police just for the satisfaction of thrilling feeling when speeding. It took years to reach this conclusion; maybe I am now older and wiser, because the same logic didn’t connect with me the years before.

My son 2nd birthday is approaching and I am still thinking the party issue. I think celebrating anniversaries is a silly idea. If you value something then show it through everyday life, making one day special just because that valuable thing happened in that day is meaningless to me. hmmm, writing this makes me think of Eid Al Adha, but that is another story. Eventually I will make a small party, but parties makes you invite people you do not want, and this is another reason why the party should be discrete and very small, if there was a party!

I am currently listening to the audio-book “brain rules for baby”. A book that is nicely read by the author Dr. John Medina, I feel I can relate to most of the rules he is talking about to make babies smarter, and I can see real life examples of the “soil and seeds” of baby brain development, I am halfway in the book, and I recommend it for parents and couples as well.

At home, I have a number of old books from my husband’s family, I thought I will not buy a new book until I read those all, and I did a mistake, because the books are good, but I can’t seem to force myself to read them, it is like wearing a different style than yours. But, I have to go through this process. It is waste of resources if I do not read them. I read أحمد أمين – إلى ولدي and now I am supposed to continue reading مصطفى السباعي – علمتني الحياة.

I didn’t mention this to you, but I made a partial online suicide, I deleted most of the accounts I registered over the years, kept only the basic, most famous ones. All is back to the fear of online privacy. I even deleted my three thousand something tweets, one tweet after another, and discovered that the things I tweeted were silly, and I plan to sell my account, if anyone is interested, I know many are interested (and contacted me preciously), but they are hardly reaching to this line of this post, twitter do not allow selling accounts, so I can’t advertise in my account there.