Monthly Archives: June 2013

My friend, Fatma

I haven’t been caught up in reading as much I am these days with the hunger games trio. Not actually reading as much as listening to the great audio book from

one day, the lady who used to work with us came direct to my desk with a post-it note with the hunger games written on it. She took me by surprise and wonder when she said watch it. it was a strange gesture, in a way, and I can never read, listen and watch hunger games without remembering her.

I watched the movie first, then downloaded the audio book and pdf file of the first and second books. The quality of the audio book is remarkable that I can keep up with the listening no matter what I am doing. I sleep with the earphone in my ear, it was this good and more, when I immediately purchased the last sequel right after I finished listening to the second.

A bad habit though, is reading reviews of the book before reading it, my friend, Fatma, is the one whom I look up to when I pick books to read, has wrote her book review and rating in goodreads, and I found myself unable to stop thinking of how true her comments are.

I remember she always impressed me and her comments in our conversations keep ringing in my head years after each took a different path in life.

First time was when she came to the cafeteria when a both were college juniors and showed a good English vocabulary without showing off. She was just answering questions from the rest of us about the upcoming English class, that was the first time I admired some one and felt jealous of at the same time. I remember I took note that this girl is to not to be taken lightly.
I like Fatma and glad that I can see her active online. She is smart girl and I wish we see each other more often.