Monthly Archives: December 2011

Are you serious

It is always good to stay in touch with old friends.

But, facebook and whatsapp aren’t the means to stay connected really. We can’t stop seeing those old friends for years and then those almost forgotten characters start popping up in our lists, just because they found our numbers somehow. It feels awkward and unreal.

if they really want to stay connected they should make an effort! I won’t take whatsapp messages seriously come’on.

Too many rules

Part of me feels superior when I dont follow rules.
For this reason I am almost always late at work, until recently when my manager wrote a note to address this issue. Still I go late to work at times but not as much as before.

Today I received an email message from admins that I am disobeying the rules of not parking in the packings dedicated for the  managers. The irony is that there were other 4 free parking spots still they thought it is safer to keep these spots free.

I didn’t move the car until I left office when the day ended. But after the first surprise and laughs, I am irritated by the discrimination and, unfairness as well as lack of brotherly friendly behavior we have. the admins should have thought of the parking issue before circulating the stupid new rules.