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3 reviews & I

what's wrong in fruit?

* I have written a book review a while ago. The review structure was made from a comment by Ahmed Al Muaini in his post. I keep a note to self about the books I read in GoodReads, But writing a review was a good practice and I learned a lot. Please read my review, I think i have put a lot of effort in it and I would like to know what you think of the book and the review.

* I am not sure about the popularity of Wael Gassar latest album in the region, but it was a hit in many areas in the Arab world, (في حضرة المحبوب) is 10 songs about the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and his companions. I am totally taken by the music quality and Wael’s voice plus the marvelous lyrics, which are in Egyptian accent. There is a great amount of sensation and honesty in the work, I still listen to the songs repeatedly without getting enough of it. Highly recommended.

* My new website of interest is,, that is, to pin images that interests you, into a board. Go there, request an invitation and you will be given it the next day, log in using your Facebook or twitter account. If you like to view pictures like me, then you will enjoy the website, there are endless boards of high taste items, and the site design is neat.

* I noticed that i start my lines with I, this annoys me, I can’t understand how my readers cope with this level of self-centeredness. My work emails are always like that, I started to change I to We, and me to us, this alleviates the situation a little. I just want you to know that I am aware of this linguistic limitation, and i am working to improve this part. Till I do, please, bear with me.

Don’t SMS

يؤسف حقا إرسال البعض خلاصة كلامهم في رسائل نصية عندما يعجزون عن قوله
لفظا وجها لوجه مع المتلقي. يؤسف أيضا اعتقاد البعض أن اعتذار رسالة يكفي
بعدما يكونون ملأوا المكان ضجيجا بصراخهم. أقل مقدار من اﻹحترام يقتضي أن
تخاطب جليسك مواجهة حتى تعطي الطرف اﻵخر فرصة تقييم موقفك لفظا وفعلا،
وحتى تكون فرصته مساوية لفرصتك في الرد. أقول أن ارسال ما تعجز عن قوله
مباشرة يعتبر نقيصة وجبنا. وللمستلم ألا يرد على ما استلم.