Monthly Archives: July 2012


Housemaid, no matter how much has helped us in home errands, she took something from our life style.

the housemaid was coming to help with the baby, she does, but..

I just don’t like her. It could be her or it is me. I dont know. I don’t like to talk about someone working with me and helping me, it’ll make me hate her presence more.

It’s a dilemma, now I know why was it the main topic with all housewives.

Would it be crazy to let her go?
I want my freedom back. I dont want to feel guest at my own home.

First day back to work


My manager said after my 3+ months leave: “What about you come to work and do nothing?”
Me: “I want to do something.”
Manager: “You will do something..”
I guess it is a trick from my manager, he likes playing psycological and test the employees. Else, it could be his way of showing a kind gesture, like “I know you are a new mother and you could leave at any time” yes he said that too. For me I dont complain, either way, I am still doing .. Nothing.