Monthly Archives: December 2009

arrogant lazy people

“They don’t read.”

Said an arrogant lady referring to users of a ‘sophisticated’ electronic system. She didn’t complete her line, what she assumed they don’t read was the manual she prepared on how to use the system.

Another man, said in a workshop about digital library. “People don’t read”; talking about his “how to use” document, when I opened that document I felt lost. I am a good interpreter of electronic systems but their system was not friendly.

Close to that, when you go and ask about some courses, the employee there looks down to you and say go read in our website, how rude?

I have more to tell about rude people talking down about/to others. These people assume that their effort to reach to the end-user is sufficient. and if the user could not manage his way in the system it is his fault because he does not read.

How inappropriate. Has the system developer thought of making his system any easier? Did the one who compiled the manual tried to really make it easy to understand and follow? Guess no. and when they talk down about people using the famous word “they don’t read”, oh boy I get so furious.  It is low standards that were applied when preparing the document or when approving it gets uploaded; people here are easy to satisfy. It’s either these people are too lazy to proof read or that they miss the required skills.