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Dear Readers,

Yours truly is writing to apologies for breaking her promise. This post is to make up for that:

The month of Final exams and extra load at work is over. Final exams were so and so but what’s funny was suddenly every one at work was concerned with how well I performed in my exam, so they traded the usual morning greetings with “how was your exam?”.  Ok fine thanks for asking, but that’s none of anyone’s business.

At work they wanted us to work more hours to complete prolonged project for nothing in return. This is what I call IRRATIONAL management.

Speaking of which, I discovered that I am a manger by instinct; I had an exam in management, I solved some questions without studying them, and I managed to solve the exam on time, while the rest of shallow students were begging for extra time, it was disgusting seeing that interaction between the damn-hateful instructor and those who are supposed to be engineers.

I had good time watching the videos at, my favorite ones are those of teamwork. That definitely have nothing to relate to my work conditions, of course we are having endless arguments with pessimists all the time, and the employees don’t stop complaining, but that’s another issue.


careful when drive

my mind is occupied. Have nothing from work to talk about . But…
A tip for all ladies with high heals. Never take off your shoes while driving. They may move to under the brakes then u’ll have an accident.
just in case it happens, don’t panic and try to kick them away.
The same applies for water bottles, just don’t keep them in the car… Wish you all safe drives

let’s hope boss won’t read this

busy people usually are flexible people, they adjust well with situations so to accomplish their tasks. This is good, what is not good is how some of these people are changing their positions very quickly to match their different circumstances.

My boss is one of these busy successful people, he is good, except that he really changes his positions very often. One day he says something the other day that thing is not necessary. When i ask him something he answer so and in front of other people he says something else. He is not a liar, he only adjusts himself as to whatever is more suitable for him. And while this is not serious thing, its frequent happening is disappointing.

oversensitive and annoying coworkers

There are 2 types of employees i hate to work with:

1. The oversensitive type, so pathetic and should not have been employed.

2. The ‘i want it and i want it now’ type; horrible employees with unbelievable attitude.

Type 1 is very difficult. I blame those who employed this type of people, they never accept any criticism and have no sense of humor. Hence they always have hard times at work.

Type 2’s behavior is unacceptable, they whine and bad mouth others if their needs were not met.

I work with employees from both types, so unfortunate.. but hey, you told me that they are everywhere and working with them equals gaining life experience. I feel better knowing this.

lovely lovely lady

3rd night since start of this series, i almost forgot to write tonight.

There is a nice lady at work, i love her though i haven’t had much time with, she is beautiful, lovely and very strong, her strength is so particular, unlike many ladies in managerial positions, this lady is respectful and knows exactly what she wants.
I admire her great deal, so bad she is going to retire soon. I had a nice conversation with her today, never saw myself talking openly with a manager i barely know.
It was fun nonetheless, one advantage in my job is meeting employees and managers for good reasons and having good chats with many of them. I like to think that i go well with people, but this thing you can never be too sure about.

I will stop on the weekend, this is work-related posts after all.

work post 2

هل ما يقال صحيح عن ضرر الكلام السيء على صاحبه؟
أشعر بتعب اليوم وارجع السبب إلى موضوع الأمس. أو ربما الكهرباء العالية في غرفة الخوادم، حيث تبلغ الحرارة 21 درجة وحيث اضطر إلى الوقوف امام شاشة صماء لفترات طويلة.
علي الرد على تعليقات موضوع الأمس هنا. أكتب الآن من الهاتف وأجد الرد في هذا الموضوع أسرع. الشكوى المستمرة دليل ضعف الشخصية. هكذا ارى الأمر إذ يتعذر على المشتكي التكيف مع أوضاعه فيبدأ في التشكي وإلقاء اللوم. إذ أقول هذا اشكر إسنس على الكلام الطيب، رؤية الأمر من جوانب أخرى عدل مزاجي. اشكر إبراهيم أيضا حيث أشار إلى وجود الفئة الثقيلة الدم في كل مكان. بالتأكيد كلام صحيح تماما. يجدر بالمرء تعلم حب الآخرين دون الحكم عليهم ودون تصيد نواقصهم.
Will be writing about the big boss in my organization.. He is a great man and everyone loves him. The special about him is his attempts to get to know the employees personally, this is one, the other thing is he shows respect and cares to know the troubles we face, he always says my office is open for u if you need any thing. I think people in his position are rarely like that..
I am blessed with good bosses. My former boss is the greatest ever and i owe him for the best in my life.. My current boss is good too, and the big boss is great. I like to think the other way around, that they are blessed to have me working with them. This is a fact 🙂

rant 1

So eventually i realised there is much to say about work that i am not saying, and my family have had enough of me ranting. then i thought why not rant in my blog. Sounds like a good idea am starting with right away…
I’ll be writing absolute nonsense for a month, you have every right not to read and skip the upcoming posts or unsubscribe and spare your time to read more interesting stuff.

I love my job is a thing i remind myself of everyday. But there are moments i hate other employees there for good reasons. 
there are so many to talk about i don’t know where to begin.. Maybe about the stupid employee whe thinks himself funny and tries acting smart all the time, asks questions not supposed to be asked, and throws comments he seriously thinks are clever and smart when in fact they are inappropriate and awkward. What bothers me is that he is a ph.d holder and should be shown some respect, what bothers me even more is his insensitivity; no matter hints u give him he doesn’t get that his actions are not acceptable. Some people are like that and it is their own problem.. But god i have to deal with them and this is unbearable :$

Movies with common factor

I love reading what other bloggers have watched and what they liked, I search these movies in IMDB and keep a record of the movies I want to watch. I have watched a number of movies recently, here they are:

Seven Pounds: It was nice, but something in it left me uncomfortable, maybe the suicide part. It featured Will Smith.

The pursuit of happiness: Will Smith too, Why haven’t I watched this earlier? Great movie that made me cry and changed me inside, I hope its effect will last long, the little boy was great.

Taare Zameen Par: a Hindi movie featuring a little boy. God how I loved him, even if you don’t like Hindi movies, watch this, it is so touching and so well done. This made me cry too.

Billu Barber: Hindi movie, not so good, but funny if you want to pass time.

27 dresses: Boring, the name might entice you to watch thinking there is a good story or something interesting. It’s not funny.

Finally, a movie I watched long time back; Nae meorisokui jiwoogae: a great Korean movie, it is one of these movies that make you trust there is still true love. The English name is A moment to remember. There was a bad reproduction of this in a Hindi
movie featuring Kajul, I can’t remember the name thou.