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مسلسل كوري

Matchmaker’s Lover is Korean drama of the comedy-romance genre, broadcasted in KBS World channel with English subtitles. Its story is between Ganghyeon, the girl in the picture above who works as a ‘couple manager’, and Hyeonsu; a ‘divorce lawyer’ who himself got divorced after getting married with matchmaking agency help.

The show is 14 episodes each is 70 minutes. It is fun to watch, so if you are looking for some new drama, I suggest watching this one, go get the show times here, make sure you choose your city from the drop down menu. Here is the show time in Oman:

update: hmm, i can put this neat:

Mon @ 23:00     repeat Tue @ 17:00
Tue  @ 23:00     repeat Wed @ 17:00

In addition to the good performance and the nice storyline, the show goes on for the 70 minutes without a single commercial break. it is so differnet than what we are used to watch.

you tube of episode 2