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Things you should never say to me – part 1

Part of being socially backward is asking stupid questions. an example is “where’ve you been” question.

the scene gets repeated almost every occasion, you meet an old acquaintance who after the usual greetings asks “where’ve you been” = وينك = من زمان ما شفناك = وين مختفيين

What is this question!

I think it is ridiculous, simply because (1) this question should be asked to someone who you have a good relation with, not mere acquaintance, (2) the question gives the assumption that the questioner was available / reachable, while the fact is that same person was out of sight, meaning there were no attempts of his/her side to outreach, and (3) one needs to stop admonishing the acquaintances, basically there is no space for this kind of interaction. They are not friends.

objects in motion tend to remain in motion

celebrities my age

celebrities my age

Once in training, the trainer asked: if your study for a project showed that your net income of this project = zero, but you would have covered all operating expenses and you loss nothing, would you go ahead with this project?

The answer was you should go for it. As you would create money cycle and would hire some people who would benefit from your project. And you could make some money too.

I am in a situation like the above. Except there is no money involved. I want to change my career, I know whom I am going to be working with, and it is no better than my current job. So the situation is almost the same now and after. Should I be positive about the change? I say I should. Changing track would boost some fresh air. This is definitely better than the one I am at.

…, looking forward to the change.