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life w/o space & broken laptop

I just broke my laptop and i’m feeling good. Because what i did was something i wanted to do long time back and never had the courage to do but today.

It was all because the space bar stopped working, i thought it was because of the juice drops my niece spilled. However, i succeeded in bringing the space back to functioning for 2 days. After which the space never worked again no matter how i clean or support it. Life is a nightmare without the space bar, i am used to hit space to scroll items in google reader and other pages. Typing was extremely difficult – a workaround was copying a space from anywhere and pasting it after each word, or clicking the space on the on-screen keyboard, both were hectic. So i started my long delayed plan to clean my keyboard. (referring to the post how to clean your laptop economically. My that was real long). I loved the sound of keys popping from the board. But then i was taken by the moment and started to unscrew every single screw, i tried to open it and seperate the pieces but couldn’t, so i stopped.
Laptop worked after screwing the screws but it’s monitor was dead, don’t know what went wrong, hehe, but i’m not am bothered, it’s not that i hate it, on the contrast, i love it with all its malfunctions.

I think it can be repaired, by some qualified personnel of course. I’m just a bit surprised that am not feeling guilty.

So what?

اغنية تامر حسني وعلاء عبد الخالق “رسمي.. فهمي.. نظمي” تذكرني بالفنانين في الكولاج.

رسمي فهمي نظمي كولاج

وجدت ضجة حول مقطع نقله كاتب كلمات الأغنية من اغنية للطفي بوشناق مع خطأ في النقل. وكان الهجوم موجها لتامر مع أن علاء عبد الخالق (وهو اسم قديم له أغاني جميلة في بداية التسعينات أذكر منها داري، بحبك باستمرار، سامحي) يشاركه في الغناء ورغم أن كلمات الأغنية كتبها محمد رحيم.

so what? why making big deal of such a trivial issue. it is just a song, you either like it or not. shallow people.