Monthly Archives: January 2013

Job and study

I am attending a meeting and i cant stop thinking about quitting the job. I am burning down and dont like it anymore. Lost interest and dont feel i belong here.

I suspended study long time. I want to resume and reqursted leave from job. It would be a time to divert my focus.

Maybe then, my mind would be clearer. Now, i just want to leave.

The previous maid and my son

My previous maid seems to me psycho.
She is 20 yrs old, been with me right before i had my son. And was there till he was 6 months or so.

Since she left to her country, she sends me messeages that she still thinks about my son and that she will never forget him.

Today she sent telling me she got my son’s photo in her phone enlarged and printed.
I didn’t do that!

I am getting a little suspicous.
She wrote also that she wants to talk to him.

I think it is harmless to let her keep his photo and maybe i want to send her new ones too.
But we are accustomed to suspect these interactions. She was too emotional and she loved him so much and she is never coming back. So why not?