Monthly Archives: March 2016

Fatma’s pat. 19 months old

Some nights I suffer from insomnia. And I keep looking into my phone. There is not abundant of apps or strong Internet connection, but I just keep staring to whatever I could read. Despite having better things to do when I am fully awake, I think -mistakenly- that lying down will bring night sleep sooner. It does not.

When I was trying to bring my two kids to sleep, the little one did something marvellous. She sat up and started lulling me to sleep! patting my back with one hand, and patting her brother with the other hand! With her two little hands and tiny body she was trying to make us sleep. I almost tear-dropped because she lulled both of us while it was me who is supposed to be the caring mom.

I remember her look when I cried once in front of her innocent face, she didn’t ask me why or what, she just looked silently at me with a caring concerned eyes, with all the deep expressions that said, I understand ma. She seemed to really understand. It was like, she was telling me I have the right to cry like she does. Like the thousands of times that I hugged her to calm her whining, she hugged me slowly and gave me her pat.

My little daughter is a caring, compassionate loving girl. She is so strong and so smart and so funny and I want to cherish those months of her toddlerhood. I want to keep her childish voice and rambling that is so precious. My husband and I both adore her deeply. I can see sincere love in her father’s eyes, my son loves her too so much, seeing them play, lough, care for and fight each other is a blessing that we will never be able to thank our God enough for. Thank you Allah for the so many blessings and I pray to be a thankful soul.