Hopeless Omani who works as a programmer

After months of internal correspondences  at work, a programmer eventually asked for a meeting “to make the required changes in the system”, his words.

In the meeting he was acting super stupid, and I am not in the state or mood to write about his retarded mind, I just wonder how does he survive in this world. Honestly, he is avoiding every possible change with load of excuses and his manager let him run away with it, and the eternal excuse, the users are stupid. No, It is not him nor his management who are stupid, but, every single user of the system is clueless retard, I just could not believe him.

I knew this would happen and requested just one thing, agreement that there is a problem, which he rejected and requested further investigation to admit there was a problem.

I can’t express how I hate working with this kind of people, but it seems I have to. I usually won’t write here how much I hate my work. however, this idiot made me.

One response to “Hopeless Omani who works as a programmer

  • فاطمة الحجري

    You have to vent your anger out and this blog is the perfect place for it.

    There are lots and lots of idiots in this world and having to work with one of them is so frustrating and annoying. Keep your calm and try to reason with him and if he couldn’t see the obvious problems, ask for another meeting and invite some users who actually use the systems and let them explain the problems they are facing. Maybe if he had one to one with them he will discover that people are not stupid as he thinks and the problem is actually in his way of thinking.

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