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Welcome back, I missed you

Hello World!


This year felt so far away, it feels good to read January 1 on the screen, Hello to new beginnings. I thought I would say Hi to my blog.

Few observations – about me – that you might find noteworthy:

  • I enjoy learning, learning in the sense of finding out how things work, what happened in other places, where the world is going. But not the learning of new courses, or books. Even though I do these learnings but they are not as enjoyable as the ones we get from twitter or from documentaries, or from inspiring speakers.
  • Kids: I strongly believe that parents should inspire the kids to learn, by providing the means for open-minded kids, I believe parents should not intervene in their kids’ school work, leave the kids to learn on their own pace and way. Maybe it means more hard time for the kid, but this is the way the kid will learn, spoon-feeding is not taking them anywhere. Still, the parent should show an example of a learner, appreciate science and encourage the kids to attend extra classes outside the school curriculum – I am doing this and my kids are doing great.
  • Greif: it doesn’t happen only after the death of a loved one. this was new to me. I am grateful that I can learn about things so when I pass through them, I know what to do and what to expect.
  • Friends: how close can they be, and how far? this is a new area for me that I am exploring pretty late.

I just decided to write and these thoughts came out randomly. Now, here’s a list of movies and documentaries I watched recently and I would recommend: the Prize Winner, Marriage Story, the Irish Man, The new age of AI, Broken.

I believe in the quote, you are what you do, these documentaries are eye-openers for me, I wish we could all learn more and become more effective in our worlds, each in their own way.



Collateral Beauty

The other day we were planning going to watch a movie, Mom asked us disapprovingly, what are you going to benefit from your going to the movies? I answered teasingly, to learn decent morals Mom. She rejected the idea and started lecturing about how we should spend our time.

Maybe it sounded a joke; but I believe that movies can make you think about morals. Can make you reflect upon your reality and aspire for better, more connected life.

Today I was blessed to watch Collateral Beauty and I would give it 10/10 right away, I would go out of my way to ask everyone to go and watch and learn from it.

A movie about grief, where love, time and death are all interconnected to form a deep pain in a grieving father. I understood and felt for Howard, the grieving father. Will Smith was absolutely convincing in this role. I believe that the movie is “therapeutic”. It is not as the trailer may depict it and there are many turns in the film that you’d be surprised. I empathized with every character, there is a lot that gather us as humans and in this movie you may find yourself relating to each character.

Was I to be so touched if I watched this movie before my dad passing away? Not sure really. Long after the movie ended, I still think about its characters, rarely do you watch a movie where you almost love everyone in it. I found this one amazing and would remember it for as long as I can imagine.

3 reviews & I

what's wrong in fruit?

* I have written a book review a while ago. The review structure was made from a comment by Ahmed Al Muaini in his post. I keep a note to self about the books I read in GoodReads, But writing a review was a good practice and I learned a lot. Please read my review, I think i have put a lot of effort in it and I would like to know what you think of the book and the review.

* I am not sure about the popularity of Wael Gassar latest album in the region, but it was a hit in many areas in the Arab world, (في حضرة المحبوب) is 10 songs about the prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, and his companions. I am totally taken by the music quality and Wael’s voice plus the marvelous lyrics, which are in Egyptian accent. There is a great amount of sensation and honesty in the work, I still listen to the songs repeatedly without getting enough of it. Highly recommended.

* My new website of interest is,, that is, to pin images that interests you, into a board. Go there, request an invitation and you will be given it the next day, log in using your Facebook or twitter account. If you like to view pictures like me, then you will enjoy the website, there are endless boards of high taste items, and the site design is neat.

* I noticed that i start my lines with I, this annoys me, I can’t understand how my readers cope with this level of self-centeredness. My work emails are always like that, I started to change I to We, and me to us, this alleviates the situation a little. I just want you to know that I am aware of this linguistic limitation, and i am working to improve this part. Till I do, please, bear with me.


I went to Umrah, the trip was amazing by all means, I feel inner peace and I am relaxed and happy like never before.

Received my Sew Chic and Unique Handbag organizer, this piece is magical and a must for all ladies, my handbag  is spacious for the first time ever, I like it and adore the talent of its creator Maya. find out about her products here.
I watched the series (fantasy couple) for the second time & enjoyed it as much as I did the first time. The lady elegance and the family warmth are spectacular. If you have not yet watched Korean drama, try to start with their channel Korea TV on Nilesat7.0  10723H and 27500V. I find them entertaining.

Criticism for its sake, wainek and exploitation

Today, by the end of the work day, I had a humiliation session by one of the top managers; I tried best to hear what he had. But, thinking of it, it was his chance to get critic, and he really used his chance. I was listening politely, trying to explain why we do this and why not doing that… but he really wanted to argue and in situations like this, I let the speaker blabber because, what’s the point?

I went back to office and since then, seriously, everything went bad.

Have you watched the movie “Luck by Chance”?

I did 3 times. and still like it very much. Wanted to write a post about it, but it seems I like the three folds posts.

The hero in this movie, Vikram, is trying to be an actor, after serious work at college, he kept trying to get into acting world. The movie, somehow, shows that he used his friends. I think he didn’t. It is only that the focus was on him after he succeeded. And all his deeds were magnified. He was mistaken in some of his choices, but, this means not he is an exploitative.

I like how Vikram acted when his friend Abbey apologized about his discouraging words to Vikram. Obviously, Vikram, the ambitious guy, didn’t forgive Abbey, but he was far above those arguments and smiled and shake hands with Abbey. A smile that was more into gloating than forgiveness. Also note how Vikram raised his hand above Abbey’s in the handshake, this in psychology indicates Vikram thinks high of himself in front of Abbey. Interesting capture.

I like how when Vikram’s aunt lectured him about how he is better get back to his father shop rather than wasting his time, he didn’t like it. but he had to listen to that, and then, when he became a famous actor, he suggested to her that he better move out of her house, only now, she insisted that he stays with her. I like how the movie captured the moment when Vikram looked at his aunt. It was not a hate look. But something else, a look that comes only from a person who knows what he wants, and in his way, faces those jealous friends or even well-hearted people, who by a way or another, try to kill the dream he have.

Here (2), find the scenes i described above. Sorry no subtitles, I couldn’t add them now. But maybe in future, will annotate the video. Speaking of subtitles, they were difficult to find. If you liked the movie, find the subtitles (Arabic) part 1 and 2.

So what?

اغنية تامر حسني وعلاء عبد الخالق “رسمي.. فهمي.. نظمي” تذكرني بالفنانين في الكولاج.

رسمي فهمي نظمي كولاج

وجدت ضجة حول مقطع نقله كاتب كلمات الأغنية من اغنية للطفي بوشناق مع خطأ في النقل. وكان الهجوم موجها لتامر مع أن علاء عبد الخالق (وهو اسم قديم له أغاني جميلة في بداية التسعينات أذكر منها داري، بحبك باستمرار، سامحي) يشاركه في الغناء ورغم أن كلمات الأغنية كتبها محمد رحيم.

so what? why making big deal of such a trivial issue. it is just a song, you either like it or not. shallow people.

students, workshop and about pity

In a lecture today, i wanted to write a hate-letter/post to my classmates. I wanted so badly that i even started the letter in my head, however, i decided to ignore them, they are not going to be in my blog.

I have attended a workshop where the presenter happily said that he used to be a hacker, and for our good, he will teach us a technique that is supposed to help us in our thesis.

So I got excited, for my disappointment his tip was nothing more than playing with the address bar in a web page to get more files in the web server hosting the thesis papers. I should have known there was something wrong in his pretension.

There was a peice of conversation in a Japanese drama i wanted to write about. every time i say i will write a decent post about it, and the conversation never left my head. I am writing it here.

The story is based on real story of a girl named Aya who had a disease when she was 15, the disease was incurable and it developed till she died in 25. in these years Aya was fighting to live a normal life, in episode 6 which was about the looks of pity she used to get from people around her, the father was complaining to his wife that he could not have sold the cheese he was making if not for the buyer’s compassion (because of his daughter disease). So the mother started:

-هل تعني أنها (الموافقة) للشفقة؟ حتى وإن كان الأمر كذلك.. ليس هناك مشكلة في الشفقة؟

– ماذا؟

– الإشفاق هو للتخفيف عن الآخرين من أحزانهم وآلامهم، وأن تتعامل مع أحزانهم كأنها أحزانك، أليس هذا صحيح؟

– أجل

– يجب أن يحصل هذا بعد أن أصيبت “أيا” بهذا المرض… لقد حظيت بأنتباه الكثيرين لها.. على أمل أنها لن تضعف أمام هذه النظرات .. آمل أن تكون باستطاعتها تخطي هذه المحنة.  لكن … من بين هذه النظرات، هناك من يهتمون بها أيضا. آمل أن تفهم ذلك أيضا . أعتقد أنه ليس بالشيء السهل.

(الأب يبكي)

– عزيزي؟

– لا بأس بذلك، إنها أبنتنا. سوف تقوم بتخطي هذه المحنة بالتأكيد، إنها فتاة طيبة تفهم مشاعر الآخرين.

بقي هذا الحوار فترة طويلة يشغل تفكيري. المسلسل رائع وفيه الكثير من المواقف التي ينبغي على المرء أن يتوقف عندها ليفكر في ما أنعم الله عليه. هذا الموقف الذي يتحدث عن الشفقة غيّر انطباعي عن هذه النظرات، لطالما كنت أعتبر أن نظرات الشفقة تنبع عن قلة ذوق أو شماته خفيه أو حتى عن سطحية وضحالة تفكير، في كلام الأم ترى أنها تتحدث من منظور آخر يحترم الشخص المشفِق ويقدر شفقته على أساس أنها تصدر من وحدة المجتمع وتكاتفه مع المُشفق عليه.  ترى الأب أيضا يقتنع بكلام الأم ويتمنى لو كان باستطاعته أن يكون في مثل قوتها وأن تتفهم ابنته نظرات الآخرين لها.

So, I encourage everyone to watch this series, here is a clip of the conversation above (find it @ 6:00), and the diaries of Aya (the real diary she wrote) can be found here. So sad this is not the complete diary, but it gives you an idea about the real girl, and how is reality more sad than the drama.