Welcome back, I missed you

Hello World!


This year felt so far away, it feels good to read January 1 on the screen, Hello to new beginnings. I thought I would say Hi to my blog.

Few observations – about me – that you might find noteworthy:

  • I enjoy learning, learning in the sense of finding out how things work, what happened in other places, where the world is going. But not the learning of new courses, or books. Even though I do these learnings but they are not as enjoyable as the ones we get from twitter or from documentaries, or from inspiring speakers.
  • Kids: I strongly believe that parents should inspire the kids to learn, by providing the means for open-minded kids, I believe parents should not intervene in their kids’ school work, leave the kids to learn on their own pace and way. Maybe it means more hard time for the kid, but this is the way the kid will learn, spoon-feeding is not taking them anywhere. Still, the parent should show an example of a learner, appreciate science and encourage the kids to attend extra classes outside the school curriculum – I am doing this and my kids are doing great.
  • Greif: it doesn’t happen only after the death of a loved one. this was new to me. I am grateful that I can learn about things so when I pass through them, I know what to do and what to expect.
  • Friends: how close can they be, and how far? this is a new area for me that I am exploring pretty late.

I just decided to write and these thoughts came out randomly. Now, here’s a list of movies and documentaries I watched recently and I would recommend: the Prize Winner, Marriage Story, the Irish Man, The new age of AI, Broken.

I believe in the quote, you are what you do, these documentaries are eye-openers for me, I wish we could all learn more and become more effective in our worlds, each in their own way.



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