Let’s learn some python, because, why not!

Before two weeks, I was leaving work when I saw a book by Paulo Coelho, not my favorite writer and I thought why not give the book a try, it may change my idea of Coelho’s writing style.

I called it a weekend challenge, after two weeks I couldn’t finish the 350 pages. Basically because I didn’t give it much priority. My snapchat, netflix and twitter fills my free time, which is scarce already.


But in pursuit of new skills/passion/hobby/job.

I thought why not learn to develop websites – become a web developer! so I opened my Udacity page, and started Python free course- this one is supposedly 5 weeks long. I am terrified to take this step and slow down until I forget about it all together.

So I said I will announce it, and then I will be held accountable. by whom, I don’t know and not necessary.


Here is my pre-KG Fatma’s bus coming. See you soon, hopefully finishing some of the amazing Python course.

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