Collateral Beauty

The other day we were planning going to watch a movie, Mom asked us disapprovingly, what are you going to benefit from your going to the movies? I answered teasingly, to learn decent morals Mom. She rejected the idea and started lecturing about how we should spend our time.

Maybe it sounded a joke; but I believe that movies can make you think about morals. Can make you reflect upon your reality and aspire for better, more connected life.

Today I was blessed to watch Collateral Beauty and I would give it 10/10 right away, I would go out of my way to ask everyone to go and watch and learn from it.

A movie about grief, where love, time and death are all interconnected to form a deep pain in a grieving father. I understood and felt for Howard, the grieving father. Will Smith was absolutely convincing in this role. I believe that the movie is “therapeutic”. It is not as the trailer may depict it and there are many turns in the film that you’d be surprised. I empathized with every character, there is a lot that gather us as humans and in this movie you may find yourself relating to each character.

Was I to be so touched if I watched this movie before my dad passing away? Not sure really. Long after the movie ended, I still think about its characters, rarely do you watch a movie where you almost love everyone in it. I found this one amazing and would remember it for as long as I can imagine.

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