Work Hard, Get Things Done

Today I started my new job, after a year of accepting a coarse reality, I decided enough is enough, and I complained officially, I made sure my complaint was heard, surprisingly it was neglected. So I took a step in another direction and it was well received, and here I am in a new department, same workplace. Isn’t that great! seem to really like it here!

I love the new place; it is like the lifeline that rescued me from the poisonous environment that I settled in for a long time. I really tried to escape earlier, there was so many failed attempts, I thought there was no hope. But there was actually. The new environment is built on respect and good intentions, professionalism and hard work. The most valuable thing here is the openness and transparency, I could tell from this early stage that I am going to thrive here, that I am very happy.

Thanks to a golden advice from my college supervisor, he said, Amna, work hard so you can find better opportunities, I did, and one project led to another. I did my work and the work of my not-so-active colleagues, I accepted that they threw their responsibilities on me, so that the projects would end in a complete way, which happened. At each step I tried to maintain good respectful behavior, I avoided finger pointing and accepted whatever comes my way. This finally got me out of that stinky place.

Stinky is a nice word here, you wouldn’t believe the amount of office politics and hatred and daily gossip. Some people just live on this low energy levels.

The most important thing I learned through this past year is, you are the only one in charge of your happiness. When I decided I have to respect myself at the workplace and I should no longer accept the shitty treatment, I talked to a colleague, I simply said I work hard and get things done and I want to join your team, and he welcomed me. This would not have happened if I didn’t work hard in my projects, or if I didn’t maintain the professional relations. Nor if I remained silent. So I learned to speak up and be bold when it is needed.

I learned to reach for my dreams, to not possess excuses and to get rid of them one by one. I love how this has worked for me. I LOVE the paradigm shift in my mentality that allows me to really believe in myself. To have patience and persistence, and to be able to say my mind and respect my thoughts.

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