September 2014

If you are a parent, or let me say a mother, because most fathers don’t bother much. If you are a mother, do you feel guilty all the time? Like you are incapable and mistaken all the time? I mostly do. And it wasn’t like this when I had just Abdullah. Now with the new born, I feel the worst with my incompetency and not giving both of them the time they both deserve. I hate when I lose my temper with the preschooler. But he is not the same boy I knew before his sister came. He has changed a lot. I know it is temporary until his ground feel secure again but this is ridiculous. In the nursery he is very nice and active and quiet. So I am sure that this new behaviour is induced by jelousy. But it is giving me bad time.


From babycenter.

Audible is my new addiction.  I used to read a lot of book, not until I married and the new life took me away. I reconnected with books through this amazing app. There are many undeniable advantage in these audio books, first, you can listen to them anytime anywhere from your mobile phone. Then the novels different characters have different sounds by the same narrator, and the feelings are well expressed in their voices. I am tempted to go on about my book choices but that would be in another post.

I wanted to write about something else but I really forgot. This is the new me. I  forget. My attention span is shorter and my memory isn’t acting well. Thanks to the disturbed sleep by my lovely girl, Fatma. She is 2 months old now (almost). She is generally quiet and not much of a crying baby. But I am tangled to her. I can’t move rest sleep or indulge in anything. I kind of hate this. Specially that I moved far far way from my family, the only support group I know. So I am pretty much by myself now in this new place and new life. The housemaid is a great assistance. But I have to create new relations in my new community. You know. Like neighbours and friends and mothers of my preschooler friends. Hopefully soon.

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