Motherly strong

It always amazes me how strong a mother can be to care for her children. How devoting she is for her kids comfort and well being.

I have had a very long day doing the home chores after the housemaid’s left and caring for my son, who is almost 2 years old, he has been sick for few days but this weekend was the top of it, with fever and diarrhea and vomiting.

It is normal, every kid will get it now and then. I am just feeling motherly strong when I had to sleep with my son next to me and I woke up for the sound of his bowels movement. He didn’t cry or anything, he was just fussing and I heard the voice when I immediately woke up, even though I had just 2 hours of tiring disturbed sleep. I woke him up as he needed to be washed and to change his clothes. He was discomfortable and started kicking me and refusing to wake up, I knew he was thirsty and offered water, he didn’t ask for it and when he had water he was immediately relieved. My poor son.
What makes me tired is his weight loss, he doesn’t eat well now that he’s sick and I can see his stomach sucked in, he losses weight quickly and that is kind of heartbreaking to watch. Especially when there is so little you can do to help him. He hates the medicine and would fight to escape from me, I, manage to make him drink it using all my four limbs and by squeezing his mouth and closing his nose, it isn’t an easy task for strong minded toddlers.

I know that mothers have some kind of hormone or special power that Allah gives them to care for their babies, I just never thought I would ever be this strong.

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