Which major should I pick, aunt?

As an aunt I received a number of questions from my neices and nephews about picking, or changing a major in their colleges. As convincing as I might sound to them, I tremble inside afraid that I am giving them the wrong consultation. My advice is based on my experience in work and college, and my love to a specific major. They all hover around IT related field and I do my best to divert them away to some other major that is more alive, like business!

It is my projection of my experience I know. Which I am proud that I completed but not so proud that I am not utilizing it.

One of my neices thanked me few semesters after our major-talk and she couldn’t see her self in IT. The other insisted and I honestly didn’t want to impose very much. The latest consultation is still in progress. But, this is the one that I am afraid of the most. It is their future they are asking me about, you know!!

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