The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1. ~Author Unknown

The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1

The last month was so eventful, I presented my master seminar and defense, got the graduation notification. My sister got married and I had to do all preparations within one week after the defense. Important meeting at work was in the same period, and another set of braces were fixed in my lower jaw.

I am tired.. and happy.

It seems that no matter of rest, the fatigue is not going away. I want a break. but life goes on, I know by next week every thing will return back to normal. But then it is Eid again, another occasion and another preparations ahead. Oh my.

The work environment is not healthy, with lack of management, and motivation. I am trying to stay focused on the program that I am responsible of. And I am looking forward to move to another department after I applied to a job vacancy that seems like it was modeled for me. If this happened, it would be the third position in the same organization.

Not healthy, I know. A career path is not visible for me. and I don’t give a damn. I am proud of my work quality and the way I manage the program, I can’t care less of the timing they want me to adhere to and I don’t think they have the right to watch it when they don’t -and actually are not able to- prepare a proper job description or work structure. Pathetic.

So, I am planning for more readings, blogging, socializing and outgoing, back to gym, and more time to Abdullah, My son, he is so adorable, so cute and so loveable. I am so proud of him and I am longing to raising him and being his friend.

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