I’m Dissapointed


I had to present my master seminar last Thursday, and no one showed up to evaluate me.

Thesis assessor said he was busy, main supervisor came along with his PhD student, thesis co-supervisors didn’t show up, and in the second half of my presentation, one professor came and that was it.

I was hoping for soft evaluation, not a complete disappearance. It disappointed me, gave me a sad feeling that no body cares, that my work is unimportant, sure they thought why should they waste their time with useless student.

The few professors I met in the day of presentation said they were busy, my thesis evaluation is part of their jobs also what the hell is going on.

Let’s just hope that in the day of thesis defense they don’t fire on me.


But they are really busy. Something must be wrong in their work load.

I was part time student, and every single time I asked my supervisors to review my work or for a meeting, it took days of them to answer, usually after my calls and showing up in their offices.

I know I haven’t been that consistent but it wouldn’t be fair to say it was all my fault. While I appreciate the professors’ assistance, I think the way my project was looked after was humiliating, this feeling was deep inside me before the seminar, and after it, it became clear.

It is very difficult to explain this to anyone. I appreciate my hard work and persistence. But I don’t see any kind of proper evaluation leave alone appreciation. In fact I am looking for appreciation, it is my work and my time after all. Why the hell no body cares? 😦

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