My first motherhood mistake

I expect being a new mother to come with a lot of mistake, I just made my first, it sucks. 

Microwave bottle sterilizer - burned

Totally forgot the bottle brush is actually made of metal, I inserted it inside the microwave bottle sterilizer, and it heated up, burned the newly purchased sterlilizer. The smell of burned plastic is aweful and the feeling that I am the one to blame for ruining my baby item is so bad.

Thank God I didnt insert the bottles for the first run of sterilization. That is a little comforting.

I will go now and buy a new one, I dont think waranty covers parenthood mistakes 😦

2 responses to “My first motherhood mistake

  • Um3azzan

    Woooow mabrook dear .. Did u have the baby or expecting?
    Beleive me .. U won’t be able to count the mistakes but each one of them gives you more experience in life 🙂

  • آمنة

    Expecting soon Inshallah.

    Raising the first baby is a perfect opportunity for trial and error, more excitement but poor little one gets all experiments on him.

    Thank you Um 3azzan!

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