so many things

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I recently started to share the link to my blog to dear friends, among many reasons there is a hidden explanation in my unconsciousness but I also think that I am a good writer hahaa.

career-wise, I am changing track, I have been saying this for past 6 months and yet nothing very little happens, the amount of delay and obstacles you have in an environment like ours is unbelievable, and it just kills the ambition and makes your life goes through a routine. I am mad about lack of planning, I can’t believe 2 years of blunder passed. but still, I love being helpful and useful to others and this finally showed to be rewarding.

on a personal level, I am getting married, no matter how much planning we worked to become fully prepared and ready, it is never ending preparations, not to mention the uprising prices everywhere. with all this and that, I feel I am the luckiest girl ever, and looking forward to future with confidence and satisfaction.

one of the greatest things that I enjoy is the great support system I have, I think I mentioned this before, nonetheless, it is worth to mention that I am blessed with grand friends. really, what is better than being able to pour your heart out to honest, smart and true-hearted friends… 

Dr. Asyah Al Bualy is a good friend, she is a great writer and she shared with us some of her articles after being published in newspapers, I asked her to publish online the articles and she was kind enough to give me (almost) all her articles, researches and reviews. Please find her recent writings in this blog


I am kind of touched by Oprah farewell party, all I could think of was either she was a real inspiration to many people, or the media machine these Americans have is really effective. Or both! 

One response to “so many things

  • sayed

    مبدعه دايما ما شاء الله عليكي

    اتمنى انك تشاركى معانا فى منتدانا
    ونستفيد من خبراتك وتستفيدي من خبراتنا
    المنتدي محتواه عبارة عن
    برامج – العاب – اسطوانات – اسلاميات – شروحات

    رابط المنتدي

    رابط المجلة

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