In my long experience with files deletion, I gained immunity to their loss and learned to keep multiple backups.

Eventually I used DropBox to keep my files synced between work and home, it is great, and getting better, with the recent selective sync and mobile features.

Today, somehow, my files were deleted from DropBox. This was crazy, because I organized multiple copies from everywhere into one central folder and this folder got deleted. I was about to have a serious breakdown. My assignment and project were lost and they are due this week. All files from my previous and current work, studies and personal files, all were lost.

All I could think about then was to reach to my office computer and get my files before they get synced. The good thing is that DropBox keeps previous versions of files, and can restore deleted files over a month time. This is awesome. I am restoring my files and downloading them to a safe place.

Accidents happen, I have experimented with many different forms of files deletions, and I can say confidently that life goes on after the great loss. I hear people say things like my whole life was on that disk. I hate this exaggeration. I wonder how can dare these people summarize their lives in electronic files.

Here I am reminding myself and readers, never trust technology, and always keep backups… multiples of them.

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