Criticism for its sake, wainek and exploitation

Today, by the end of the work day, I had a humiliation session by one of the top managers; I tried best to hear what he had. But, thinking of it, it was his chance to get critic, and he really used his chance. I was listening politely, trying to explain why we do this and why not doing that… but he really wanted to argue and in situations like this, I let the speaker blabber because, what’s the point?

I went back to office and since then, seriously, everything went bad.

Have you watched the movie “Luck by Chance”?

I did 3 times. and still like it very much. Wanted to write a post about it, but it seems I like the three folds posts.

The hero in this movie, Vikram, is trying to be an actor, after serious work at college, he kept trying to get into acting world. The movie, somehow, shows that he used his friends. I think he didn’t. It is only that the focus was on him after he succeeded. And all his deeds were magnified. He was mistaken in some of his choices, but, this means not he is an exploitative.

I like how Vikram acted when his friend Abbey apologized about his discouraging words to Vikram. Obviously, Vikram, the ambitious guy, didn’t forgive Abbey, but he was far above those arguments and smiled and shake hands with Abbey. A smile that was more into gloating than forgiveness. Also note how Vikram raised his hand above Abbey’s in the handshake, this in psychology indicates Vikram thinks high of himself in front of Abbey. Interesting capture.

I like how when Vikram’s aunt lectured him about how he is better get back to his father shop rather than wasting his time, he didn’t like it. but he had to listen to that, and then, when he became a famous actor, he suggested to her that he better move out of her house, only now, she insisted that he stays with her. I like how the movie captured the moment when Vikram looked at his aunt. It was not a hate look. But something else, a look that comes only from a person who knows what he wants, and in his way, faces those jealous friends or even well-hearted people, who by a way or another, try to kill the dream he have.

Here (2), find the scenes i described above. Sorry no subtitles, I couldn’t add them now. But maybe in future, will annotate the video. Speaking of subtitles, they were difficult to find. If you liked the movie, find the subtitles (Arabic) part 1 and 2.

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