life w/o space & broken laptop

I just broke my laptop and i’m feeling good. Because what i did was something i wanted to do long time back and never had the courage to do but today.

It was all because the space bar stopped working, i thought it was because of the juice drops my niece spilled. However, i succeeded in bringing the space back to functioning for 2 days. After which the space never worked again no matter how i clean or support it. Life is a nightmare without the space bar, i am used to hit space to scroll items in google reader and other pages. Typing was extremely difficult – a workaround was copying a space from anywhere and pasting it after each word, or clicking the space on the on-screen keyboard, both were hectic. So i started my long delayed plan to clean my keyboard. (referring to the post how to clean your laptop economically. My that was real long). I loved the sound of keys popping from the board. But then i was taken by the moment and started to unscrew every single screw, i tried to open it and seperate the pieces but couldn’t, so i stopped.
Laptop worked after screwing the screws but it’s monitor was dead, don’t know what went wrong, hehe, but i’m not am bothered, it’s not that i hate it, on the contrast, i love it with all its malfunctions.

I think it can be repaired, by some qualified personnel of course. I’m just a bit surprised that am not feeling guilty.

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