feel like posting


The photo is taken by Esra Eesra, from usefilm.com , from time to time I go there to look up new pictures.
I have always thought I am good in reading faces, this one made me feel good, the lady is really satisfied and happy.

I am listening to Sheirin, her voice is deep and the music and lyrics are always new, unique in a way.

My lecture notes is opened to copy them into a word document, because my handwriting is bad and not readable for revision later, my problem is that the notes are mainly equations, and though I am fast in editing equations in word, I am not motivated. Feel like making up an excuse to get busy but not actually study.

–update (17 Oct) aaaaaaaaaa the file got corrupted :””(

Backing up my phone content, starting this week my phone gave me a blinking sign of a message in the upper right corner, there is plenty of free space in my phone, still I am going to clean it up. I have found the messages I saved since I started work hidden in phone memory, was happy because that was more than 600 messages that once I thought I have lost forever.

This week I got my first parking ticket, I have always used that spot as a parking for my car since I started studying. A little talk with someone who I thought was a policeman and the ticket got cancelled. It was an achievement.

Going back to my notes. Bye

2 responses to “feel like posting

  • X-EnG

    – Miss your posts
    – which song of sherien are you listening? the new album?
    – I so agree … you are making an excuse rather than actually studying!! you know how we are good at that when it comes to “study”
    – I’m curious? which brand is your phone?
    – welcome to the drivers world! soon you will develop new skills to cancel parking tickets and get discount on fines :p

    • آمنة

      -Thank you, i missed them too
      – yes the new album and three of my favorite Sheirin songs ever: بطمنك، بكلمة منك، قال صعبانة عليه
      -I want to do so, let me do without regrets, i feel i am doing my part please let me dooo
      -Nokia N79
      -You taught me, without your stories in the old days i was going to take the ticket home 🙂 it was funny after a long day

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