Food habits in Ramadhan

ما سبب امتناعنا في رمضان عن أكل البيض والفول والبطاط المقلي والفاصوليا الحمراء؟

بيض عيونبطاط مقلايخبز لبنانيفاصوليا حمرافول مصري

This is what we eat normally in dinner before and after Ramadhan, so what happens? Suddenly we think it is more like Ramadhan to eat sambosa, kofta and spring rolls. And another list of pastries that are not that much of digestible.

Why don’t we buy Lebanese bread and why do we start to make our own bread? Why? Seriously, do you like it more? I don’t. I haven’t enjoyed any of the food in Ramadhan. I was eating just to break my fast and to keep going, and to not throw the exsessive food in the trash. sad. and yes, why do you cook extra amounts? could hunger be the reason?

* Pictures are from flickr and google images search, with slight modifications, click on the pictures for source.

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