H1N1 phobia

secret: when i returned from thailand last month, i went to a doctor to check h1n1.

In my home, no single day passes without mentioning the disease and the latest numbers. We admit we are sacred, not for us but for the kids and elderies.

Then someone says it’s normal it’s like normal flu. Ok this part is known, but the other‎ part this person intentionally ignores is, it kills those with weak immune system.

Maybe it’s a propaganda, maybe it’s real. In all cases, we are in panic. نسأل الله سبحانه ان يجيرنا ويعافينا

On another note, OmanTV sucks. But c’mon people, change the channel or better switch off TV.


4 responses to “H1N1 phobia

  • um3azzan

    My family were affected(2 bros, nephew and the maid), just in case I avoided to go there for a week. However, I really think its exagerated. Yes, people with weak immune system (kids, eldery and the sick) should be extra careful but we shouldnt make it look worse than what its really is.
    Allah yi3afee al jamee3 wiyb3id 3ana Al Amrath.

    • آمنة

      Salamat to your family i hope they are better now, for little Azzan i think you should avoid going there for longer time, you never know who else could have caught the virus. My prayers to all of you.

  • Shula

    A member of my extended family told me, his two young nieces and his sister-in-law were effected, they went to visit someone came from abroad, unknowlingly the woman was infected.

    When they found, the mother and girls went to the hospital and did the tests. They are all at home and on medication.

    • آمنة

      this scares me the most, when someone has the virus without knowing it, and i really don’t know how to act, at times i feel i’m overreacting but when i hear a story like I think about the little ones at home and what would happen if they got it, scary!
      I hope the mother and her girls get well soon.

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