Monthly Archives: May 2009

Movies with common factor

I love reading what other bloggers have watched and what they liked, I search these movies in IMDB and keep a record of the movies I want to watch. I have watched a number of movies recently, here they are:

Seven Pounds: It was nice, but something in it left me uncomfortable, maybe the suicide part. It featured Will Smith.

The pursuit of happiness: Will Smith too, Why haven’t I watched this earlier? Great movie that made me cry and changed me inside, I hope its effect will last long, the little boy was great.

Taare Zameen Par: a Hindi movie featuring a little boy. God how I loved him, even if you don’t like Hindi movies, watch this, it is so touching and so well done. This made me cry too.

Billu Barber: Hindi movie, not so good, but funny if you want to pass time.

27 dresses: Boring, the name might entice you to watch thinking there is a good story or something interesting. It’s not funny.

Finally, a movie I watched long time back; Nae meorisokui jiwoogae: a great Korean movie, it is one of these movies that make you trust there is still true love. The English name is A moment to remember. There was a bad reproduction of this in a Hindi
movie featuring Kajul, I can’t remember the name thou.