Dear Readers,

Yours truly is writing to apologies for breaking her promise. This post is to make up for that:

The month of Final exams and extra load at work is over. Final exams were so and so but what’s funny was suddenly every one at work was concerned with how well I performed in my exam, so they traded the usual morning greetings with “how was your exam?”.  Ok fine thanks for asking, but that’s none of anyone’s business.

At work they wanted us to work more hours to complete prolonged project for nothing in return. This is what I call IRRATIONAL management.

Speaking of which, I discovered that I am a manger by instinct; I had an exam in management, I solved some questions without studying them, and I managed to solve the exam on time, while the rest of shallow students were begging for extra time, it was disgusting seeing that interaction between the damn-hateful instructor and those who are supposed to be engineers.

I had good time watching the videos at despair.com, my favorite ones are those of teamwork. That definitely have nothing to relate to my work conditions, of course we are having endless arguments with pessimists all the time, and the employees don’t stop complaining, but that’s another issue.


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