careful when drive

my mind is occupied. Have nothing from work to talk about . But…
A tip for all ladies with high heals. Never take off your shoes while driving. They may move to under the brakes then u’ll have an accident.
just in case it happens, don’t panic and try to kick them away.
The same applies for water bottles, just don’t keep them in the car… Wish you all safe drives

2 responses to “careful when drive

  • قارئ عابر

    عندي زميلة في العمل دائما تلبس كعب عالي، من الفضول سألتها مرة كيف تسوقين بالكعب العالي

    قالت لي: أصلا ما أقدر أسوق من غير الكعب!!!

    طبعا كوني ما أفهم في هالأمور إستغربت

  • thesanelyinsane

    hmm…all arabic…me no can read 😛

    but good point for the ladies…mostly ladies who wear high heels shud keep a pair of sneakers in the car…


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