let’s hope boss won’t read this

busy people usually are flexible people, they adjust well with situations so to accomplish their tasks. This is good, what is not good is how some of these people are changing their positions very quickly to match their different circumstances.

My boss is one of these busy successful people, he is good, except that he really changes his positions very often. One day he says something the other day that thing is not necessary. When i ask him something he answer so and in front of other people he says something else. He is not a liar, he only adjusts himself as to whatever is more suitable for him. And while this is not serious thing, its frequent happening is disappointing.

8 responses to “let’s hope boss won’t read this

  • Yuseff

    I don’t really understand what you mean by what he says to you and what he says to other people. Is it work related or is it general? And all of that isn’t considered a lie? Really confused ^_^;

    • آمنة

      work related ofcourse
      see . If i ask should we do this task for this project, he answers no don’t touch it, when this task is mentioned with other people he says amna will do it, like this. And its not a lie bcz maybe he is considering new facts he hadn’t last time. then i look like i didn’t want to do my part .
      Not a good example,
      there were other situations when he quickly pulled what he said before. But it is definitly not lying.

  • um3azzan


    I think that is part of coperate life (if you are working in a corporate enviroment). Things change so fast .. the fact you have yesterday and that you might have worked all your day in might not be as urgent and important tommorow. Its frustrating at times, but I guess you learn to live with it 🙂

  • Essence

    let me tell you some piece of fact about your boss!

    sometimes he is confused and don’t know what to do but he is very good at forwarding things when he cannot do it.

    for now this is not going to cause you issues, but later it will!!

    “9a7ib baleeen , Kathab!” this is very well known saying.

    Just be Careful and YOU need to do something about it cause it is going to come back to you if you don’t

    if he is a snake, you should be a lizard 🙂

    • آمنة

      what you say is eyes opening . I chose to ignore and keep quite. Not any more, thanks lovely lady, i am grateful you always guide me

  • ابراهيم القحطاني

    تصلحين تكونين وزيره يا آمنه 🙂

  • thesanelyinsane

    have come across a few..luckily not many of those…very dicey to work with them and pin them to something…

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