oversensitive and annoying coworkers

There are 2 types of employees i hate to work with:

1. The oversensitive type, so pathetic and should not have been employed.

2. The ‘i want it and i want it now’ type; horrible employees with unbelievable attitude.

Type 1 is very difficult. I blame those who employed this type of people, they never accept any criticism and have no sense of humor. Hence they always have hard times at work.

Type 2’s behavior is unacceptable, they whine and bad mouth others if their needs were not met.

I work with employees from both types, so unfortunate.. but hey, you told me that they are everywhere and working with them equals gaining life experience. I feel better knowing this.

4 responses to “oversensitive and annoying coworkers

  • Essence


    i hate the “curious” once, they always peek on your screen, notes on the table and listen to your phone conversation and proudly ask even more questions about them!!

    i have noticed that men are more bold and curious than ladies…

  • Amna

    Those are horrible, thanks god i haven’t seen any yet. I guess they make you want to hide everything

  • ~Amal~

    I’ve been following ur ranting posts since day one..and to be honest..i enjoy reading them!

    keep it going!

    • آمنة

      Oooh I never thought any one is enjoying them, glad to hear so , will keep it going, except… I have final exams soon, i am dying here


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