rant 1

So eventually i realised there is much to say about work that i am not saying, and my family have had enough of me ranting. then i thought why not rant in my blog. Sounds like a good idea am starting with right away…
I’ll be writing absolute nonsense for a month, you have every right not to read and skip the upcoming posts or unsubscribe and spare your time to read more interesting stuff.

I love my job is a thing i remind myself of everyday. But there are moments i hate other employees there for good reasons. 
there are so many to talk about i don’t know where to begin.. Maybe about the stupid employee whe thinks himself funny and tries acting smart all the time, asks questions not supposed to be asked, and throws comments he seriously thinks are clever and smart when in fact they are inappropriate and awkward. What bothers me is that he is a ph.d holder and should be shown some respect, what bothers me even more is his insensitivity; no matter hints u give him he doesn’t get that his actions are not acceptable. Some people are like that and it is their own problem.. But god i have to deal with them and this is unbearable :$

2 responses to “rant 1

  • Essence

    hahahaha im so looking forward!

    what matters is your job! if you love it then screw the rest!

    I strongly believe, the worse your working environment, the more challenge you will have, the better you will try to be and in sha allah the most successful in your working environments you shall be in sha allah when you are a manager, Team leader or maybe a minister soon cause you have already seen the worse


  • ابراهيم القحطاني

    كل شئ ينبلع وينقدر عليه الا اللي يستظرف نفسه 🙂

    اسئليني عنهم .. ومشكلتهم ما يحلى لهم خفة الدم والمزح والتعليقات البايخه الا على الريق ..

    اعانك الله ..

    والشئ اللي بيصبرك على شغلك انك لازم تعرفين ان هالشئ موجود في كل محل

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