real nonsense

This is going to be really nonsense, enjoy


i am in a lecture, forgot my eye glasses at home, not able to see the 12 font size in the projector, the doctor is sitting and discussing the solution of that is supposed to be an easy quiz, it is as long as a test thou.

had a boring day at work, the guy who was training us said Google is his brain, no wonder that many people think he is crazy.

my car is not working.

watched a movie yesterday, Superstar, Indian movie 2008 production, i liked it.

Watched slumdog millionaire, so bad i read a negative review before watching it, can’t really tell if i liked it or not, never read a review before watching a movie.


the doctor still discuss the quiz and some students seem really interested. i at this moment asking myself why am i studying.

Doctor is out of his chair, got to stop



3 responses to “real nonsense

  • ابراهيم القحطاني

    هههههههه ذكرتيني بمره نسيت نظارتي ووما اكتشفت هذا الشئ الا لما وصلت المكتب … وكنت في الطريق لابس نظارتي الشمسيه … ولما وصلت المكتب الكل لما يشوفني يجيني ويقولي سلامات؟ يحسبون عيني فيها شئ .. ومن كثر الفضول عند العالم اضطريت اني ارجع اجيب النظاره علشان يوقفون اسئله ..


    طيب الحين نشوف المليونير ولا ما نشوفه؟ جد يوم الجمعه الماضي كنت في البحرين وكنت بحجز عليه … بس من كثر ما سمعت عنه وقريت وشفت لقطات منه .. ما حبيت ادخله

  • $weety

    It is a brilliant movie 🙂

    im sad you read the bad review before, no wonder you didnt like it cause you were looking at the bad things said on the review…. if you enjoy Indian movies (which you do) this is even better cause it reflects true life in India…makes you appreciate the little things in life and appreciate childhood.

    anyway thanks for sharing your “nonsense” … hahaha made my morning cause i can actually imagine you in the lecture lool

  • آمنة

    ابراهيم: الفلم حلو بس غير عن الأفلام الهندية، أنا أحب الافلام الهندية ف كان هذا الفلم غير عن اللي متعوده عليه. اللي ما يحب الأفلام الهندية بيحاول يمسك الأغلاط عليه، من الأحسن لو نشوف الفلم عشان نستمتع بدل ما نقرا النقد ونتابع اغلاطه.

    $weety, in all cases i admit it is a good production, The storyline is just a little.. anyhow i enjoyed it and actually watched it twice : )
    Imagine the doctor made us evaluate ourselves in the quiz and return the paper to him, i didn;t follow his answers and ended up making the marks up! didn;t give good marks thou

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