yet another phase

I just got my score of toefl Test, I got above the required score.

After a year in bridging courses that resulted in a not less than 3 CGPA, and now getting the toefl score to enroll officially in the master program. I am relieved.

My studies will start in 2 days and I am till now not registered, haven’t seen my academic advisor and don’t know what courses exactly will be there for me. One cannot rely upon the announced courses in the online timetable; the people at our department cancel courses and change their timings without updating the online timetable. I will have to register in the Add/Drop week. What surprises me is that when I was late for the registration last semester, someone called from the registration deanship. It was cool, I kind of felt important. This time they completely ignored me, maybe I should delay my registration till the last day of the add/drop week.

I am looking forward to the coming semester, with new colleagues and professors, I bet it is going to be one great semester.

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