About the death penalty for weblogs

I somehow agree with the yet to be debated death penalty bill in Iran “for those deemed to promote corruption, prostitution and apostasy on the internet”.

Because I tend to compare the amount of freedom of speech people get online with that they barely find in their real lives, and always conclude that in reality they would not dare blabber the nonsense they pour online – under the name of speech freedom.

Some people do go way over the line, there needs to be some regulation to stop this craziness. Last week I read an Omani blog whose author was bragging being an atheist and insulting our sacred beliefs.

I stopped reading after a couple of posts but was stunned and saddened by what I read for a long time. Never imagined there could be some people with such disrespect to a religion, and this to come from an Omani blogger was too much for me.

Of course his blog is there because he knows there will be no questioning of whatsoever. If people of this alike really think that they are free to write what they think, then why not speak it in the public so freely. I find no justification but to go with the Arabic proverb (من أمن العقوبة أساء الأدب).

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