One grade and an exhibition

The doctor who taught me the difficult course last semester saw me today for the first time after the final exam, he was walking from one door to another when he said:

Doctor: Amna, congratulations, You got B!
Me: B?!?!!! Thank you doctor!
Doctor (he stopped): for what?
Me: For you helped me. I didn’t think that I will ever get B
Doctor: No Amna, (meaning he didn’t help me in the marking) that’s your work

And then he entered the other door.

This was the difficult course and I never thought that I will get B. I thought that they will put me under probation –for you know, I need to get “not less than B”  to complete in the master program-. And now this great doctor tells me I got B. This is very good news, Thank you doctor, you made my day.

Aside from this, I was coming back from the Design Forum exhibition in SQU when we had this little  conversation. The exhibition is well organized, thanks God it is in the mid-year vacation, otherwise it was to be fully crowded, for Omanies love exhibitions. I glanced Oman3D section there, but their section was crowded so I didn’t stop.

A show on a screen was in the middle of the exhibition, I stood there watching till a lady came and blocked the screen, she was discussing with one of the organizers that she didn’t register because she didn’t know; I looked at her hoping that she will see me and then move. But she didn’t. It is good that she didn’t participate.

When leaving I saw a poster falling down, the guys there hurried to post it again, in my way out I took Oronamin, they serve it free along with Nescafe.

2 responses to “One grade and an exhibition

  • Blue_Chi

    I was at the Oman3D stall at the exhibition, you should’ve come to say hi! 😀

    I posted some pics at Oman3D.

  • آمنة

    I know.. I thought it was a 2days event, and was planning to go the other day,
    I was in hurry it was half an hour break and the place was crowded, good for you that participated, it sure will give your site a boost. Congratulation for winning

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