E-max customer service

I am linking to Other Oman blog, where suburban describes poor E-max customer service. I also would love to thank Home Center For their fast response to our request.

Update: It is worth to mention that Home Center seems to have a bad reputation – see the comments – here in Oman, The thank I raised was of a personal experience with them delivering stuff fast as we requested.

Update: issue solved link

7 responses to “E-max customer service

  • muscati

    I can’t find Home Center’s response that you mentioned. Where is it?

  • آمنة

    Center Point – Al Khwair.
    We gave the director a call and they delivered to us before the day they specified upon payment.

  • Sleepless In Muscat

    Home Center has a bad reputation for furniture. A friend of mine had his house supplied by their products and it became defective not even two weeks after fitting it in.

  • آمنة

    Didn’t know of its bad reputation, the post is updated.

  • muscati

    I’ve never had a problem with Home Center. I bought a bed from them a few years ago. They delivered on time and assembled it for me without a problem. A couple years later when I was moving out of the house I called them and asked if they can take the bed apart so I can move it and they came and did that for me. They are usually very good. And in Baby Shop they are very lenient on returns. If you get a gift from them you can take it for exchange with no questions asked.

    As for the quality of the furniture they have, I guess you get what you pay for.

  • بحرينية

    الحمدلله اللي انحلت المشكلة
    سعيدة لزيارة مدونتج 🙂

  • آمنة

    حياك الله بحرينية ^_^

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